Connecting to Xavier Wireless Networks From PC/Laptop

How to get connected to xavierwireless, Xmisc, or xavierguest

Xavier University has three different wireless networks: xavierguest, xavierwireless, and Xmisc. 


This network is for visitors only.  In non-residential buildings, upon connecting to this network and opening a web browser, you will need to provide your email address in agreement with the terms and conditions before you can browse to other sites on the internet. In residential buildings, this wireless network is not broadcast, to ensure that residents connect to the proper wireless network.


This is the primary network for faculty, staff, and student's devices and computers. It uses 802.1x authentication (your Xavier username and password, as opposed to a traditional pre-shared key) to connect to the network.  In order to get setup and connected:

  1. Connect to the wired network, or alternately find the 'xavierguest' network (note: this is not broadcast in the residence halls):
    • MacOS X - this would be clicking on or hovering over your Airport symbol in the upper right and selecting 'xavierguest' 
    • Windows - click the network icon in the lower right of the screen and selecting 'xavierguest'

  2. Browse to Click the Start button on the main page to launch a setup wizard that will automatically configure your device for this network.


This network is for consumer devices that lack support for an 802.1x wireless network, such as gaming consoles, TVs, Blu-Ray players, etc. These devices need to be registered before they can connect to the wireless network.  You will need to find and submit the device's MAC address usingthe Xmisc registration form.

Note: Wireless Printers are not supported.  Wireless printers are designed for consumer/household usage and do not work well on large campus networks.  The WiFi radio on wireless printers, especially in its default setting of broadcasing an 'ad-hoc' network, creates interference on the WiFi network.  WiFi printers are a large cause of intermittent connectivity issues in the residence halls; please turn its WiFi off.  We advise that you connect your printer with a USB cable.

The Nintendo Wii is not capable of connecting to our wireless network; it requires a 1Mb/s data rate to connect, which has a negative impact on other wireless connectivity. If you would like to connect your Wii to the network, you will need a 'LAN Adapter' to connect it to the wired network port in your room. 

Consumer/household WiFi routers are prohibited for use in the residence halls as well, due to the interference and connection problems they create on Xavier networks.

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